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      SNF Business Forms Offset Rotary Press

      SNF Business Forms Offset Rotary Press


      SNF Business Forms Offset Rotary Press

      NC Control / Convenient Operation

      Easier Adjustment / Excellent forms printing press

      ● Max. paper width 520mm

       Max. print speed 260m/min

       Letterpress/Numbering unit

       Turn-bar Device

       Paper Breakage Detector

      Max. Paper Width: 18" 457.2mm (201/2" 520.7mm)

      Max. Print Width: 171/2" 444.5mm(20" 508mm")

      Non-printing Gap: 3mm

      Max Unwind Diameter: 50" 1270mm

      Max Rewind Diameter: 50" 1270mm

      Max. Print Speed: 200m/min (260m/min)

      Sheet Cut Speed: 150m/min

      Paper Quality To Be Printed On The Press: 35gsm-160gsm

      Wet Offset Print Circumference: 10"-18" 254mm-457.2mm(14"-26" 355.6mm-660.4mm)

      Dampening System: Taiyo Alcohol Dampening System

      Letterpress/Numbering Circumference: 10"-30" 254mm-762mm

      Double Special Process Device: 10"-18" 254mm-457.2mm

      Double Cross Perforation Units: 14"-26" 355.6mm-660.4mm

      Folder Size: 10"-26" 254mm-660.4mm

      Other Device: 3"-24" 177.8mm-609.6mm(1/2" or 1/3"Gap)

      Other Device:Web Splice Finder, Paper Breakage Detector, Minimum Roll End Detector,Dust cleaning Device, Web Guide, Turn-bar Device, Shear Slitter Unit,Blower, Marking Device, Timing Device, Speedometer.

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