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      BS-v Business Forms Buster

      BS-v Business Forms Buster


      BS-v Business Forms Buster

      ● The Best Type Of Finishing Process The Cheque By Rotary

      ● Thoroughly Out Of The Trouble Of Manual Laceration

      Folds Number:Zigzag 07 Folds

      Max. Paper Width:20" 508mm

      L acerate Range:7"- 18" 177. 8mm - 457.2mm

      Numbering:11"- 24" 279.4mm - 609.6mm

      Operation Type:Continuous Lacerate

      Unwind:Zigzag Fold paper

      Rewind:Delivery Lift

      Size Adjustment:NC, Multiple 1/2"

      Max. Lacerate Speed:140 pages/min

      Speed Adjustment:Stepless Speed Change

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